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Attending a Small Group is a great step in getting connected and growing spiritually at Orchard Church. A Small Group is a community of 6-14 people coming together weekly to RELATE to one another in a safe and caring environment. Our Small Groups are a diverse collection of individuals with different backgrounds, levels of faith and varying views.

Small Groups at Orchard Church run for 10-week semesters in the Spring and the Fall. We also offer Summer Interest Groups.

For questions about our Small Groups, email


Childcare Supplement

Is it difficult to attend a group because you have small children? You can take advantage of our small group childcare supplement which will help pay for a babysitter in your home while you attend a small group! After you have attended your group you can fill out the form to be supplemented for the cost here: 


 Groups will start the week of February 9th – April 26th. We take Spring break week off.

Please select the location you attend as each location as different small groups!

Once you find a group you like, click “Contact Group Leader” and send them an email with your information. They will contact you shortly.

Brighton Location Groups

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Orchard Latino location groups

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Thornton Location Groups

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